Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Threads

I put in an order with Thread Art.  They sell polyester embroidery threads with a nice sheen that are strong enough for quilting.  They are not that expensive as embroidery thread goes, and I've been able to build a nice palette / stash of thread colors in the last few years that is within my budget.  [Still waiting for the fancy and expensive thread companies to gift me a set of threads to make art with ...   ;-)]    

I said these threads quilt up beautifully.  I've been using them for the past couple of years, and have been very happy with them overall for this purpose.   They also work for embroidery and threadpainting.     Here's another one showing how it quilts up on Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly batting :

I am currently working on quilting Rosita's Wedding Ring Quilt.  The rings are so colorful, I thought one of these variegated threads would be suitable to quilt the rings.  Maybe that orange/melon?

This time I purchased the set of 25 Variegated Polyester Threads.  
Look at these colors up close :

I was burned a while back when I bought a set of Madiera rayon embroidery threads, but they just didn't last.  I was nearly in tears one weekend trying to figure out what was wrong with my machine ...  until I finally realized that the rayon thread had gone bad.  It wasn't me, or my machine, or the needles.  It was the rotton and brittle rayon thread.  Still beautiful colors, but you can break it off of the spool.  Not fit for sewing anymore.  Now I use them in  my composed fabrics as splashes of color. 

This time, I purchased the ThreadArt  Set D -- as I already had sets A, B, and C which I bought as a larger set of 120 spools on a Black Friday deal a few years ago for about $1 a spool.  All those luscious colors!  Set D is supposed to be the "blues & neutrals." 
Here's what ThreadArt says about Set D : 

"This extension set called our Brilliant set will increase your selection of blues and neutral colors of thread. Sometimes we forget to collect the neutral shades of thread because they are not the pretty one. Add this set to your thread collection and you will have the colors you need on hand. Plus, this set is not all boring. It has some really pretty blues to enjoy."

I don't have the thread stand that is pictured above.  I did have one -- gave it a try, but I just don't have the space for it in my sewing studio.  Instead, I use those scrap-booking boxes.  The threads stand up so I can see the colors from the top and the boxes are easily transportable to Quilt Camp or classes.  Since the boxes are covered, it also keeps dust out, so they stay clean, too. 

Warm Colors

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I finally took your great idea and bought one of those boxes for my ever expanding Connecting Threads collections. This thread thing is getting out of hand! :-) I can barely stand to look at these pictures for the longing that arises to add them to my stash. But I must be strong - lol. The quilting you've shown here is quite lovely.