Sunday, February 26, 2017

DIY Skeinwinder

I thought this ingenious little DIY skeinwinder needed a little more explanation and a few more pictures, since we modified it slightly from what Measured and Slow did with her design.

The top picture shows the general idea (an expandable mug rack atop a lazy Susan) not actually screwed together, at this point.

 This is after my husband gave it back to me, assembled and ready to go.  

He added 1 modification.  I was wondering how to keep the mug rack extended / expanded with a hank of yarn on it?  How to keep it from collapsing in on itself again?  My husband solved this problem elegantly with the flat stick with hold drilled into it that will hold the mug rack to the proper extension with yarn on it.
This works for this particular yarn and hank length.  You could also use the "shorter" hole for a smaller hank.  There's a 2nd longer flat stick for even larger hanks, if needed.

Here the yarn is placed in a rectangle configuration, avoiding the 2 pegs on the hexagram points.
It seemed to work fine in this configuration.  The yarn wound off beautifully.

I tried to take a short video so you could see it in action, but apparently, I need to learn the settings on this camera better.  My video came out as a still shot instead.  Sorry about that ...  I think you get the idea, though.  The mug rack is attached to the lazy Susan, which allows the extended rack to turn easily as the yarn winds off (or on).  

Here it is all folded up and ready for storage.  
The flat locking sticks have been removed.
Guess I need to make a storage bag for it now?

 Here it is with the mug rack extended, ready to adjust to any size yarn hank.
You can also see the 3 dark screw heads where my husband attached it to the lazy Susan base.

Here it is extended, with the locking slat in place. No yarn.  

Success in Simplicity!

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