Saturday, April 15, 2017

Liberate Your Art 2017 Post Card Swap and Blog Hop

Sirena Blue Drummer

For the past 5 years (or so), I've participated in Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art Post Card Swap.  The project encourages Creatives to PRINT and reproduce our artwork (bringing it into the world) and to share it with other Creatives.  Every year, I am amazed at where my post cards wind up -- as if they are my own children with lives of their own.  They see things and go places I've never been, yet they are a part of me making their own way in the world ...

The card above is the one I sent out this year.  It's a photo from the Ren Faire, of a performer in Sirena, worked up in PhotoShop and Topaz Impression.  One of my favorite images from last year.  It was really neat to see it professionally printed.  I had a WOW moment there when the cards came back.  Unfortunately (or not), I had ordered the wrong size to participate in the LYA Exchange, so I'm saving these for side swaps.  I wound up printing the right size cards on my own home printer--not quite the same effect.

This year, I decided to send out 5 copies of the same card, as I thought that would make them easier to track out in the world.  Kat asks that we photograph each postcard in it's new environment, to give an idea of where it landed.  So far I've heard from the following people who let me know where my cards went :

1) Jacksonville, FL
2) Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (She got the 1 Dancer Card)
3) New Jersey
4)  Cape Charles, VA
5) ???

Here are the cards I received in the official swap :

A beautiful watercolor - summer view of the San Francisco Peaks from Flagstaff, AZ.
From Christine G. Brooks.

 From Beth Laverty.  She says she takes her camera everywhere.  This was the view on her windshield one day, before she put on the wipers.  Kind of like the veil is parting, and you can see into another dimension for a moment. 

From Fran Podlesney in Little River, SC.
Gelli print on book paper with stamping.

 From Dorothy Louis in Corvallis, OR.
"The aim of life is living creatures.  
The aim of art is living creations." --Steve Albers

This is the card that Kat Sloma, The LYA Organizer sent out this year.

Every year, I've had the good fortune to do some additional post card exchanges in side swap.  Some of these people I met the first year of the exchange (like Snap Lane in Houston).  Others I met through the FaceBook Group, or the blog hop.  Some have stayed on the side swap list every year since.  Some are new this year ...   It's easy to set up a side swap, especially if you like that artist's work.

These are the cards I sent out for Side Swaps this year.

Here are the Side Swaps (so far) :

 Watercolor from Sheila del Gado.

 Lasso the moon from Kate Lehman.

Spring Fling from Snap Lane in Houston, TX.

Side Swap Postcard from PJ Lawrence in Tennessee,
as she created it in acrylics on an altered photography book.  

 Dream from Lisa Comperry in LaPorte, TX.

Here I am experimenting with shadowplay and photographing it where it landed.
Adds a whole new layer to Lisa's Dream image. 

 Little Dipper Bird from Sherry Harmes in Larsen Bay, Alaska.

Gorgeous Daffodils in black and White came from Janice Darby in California.
No one else but Janice would think to do daffodils in black and white!  Makes me see them in a whole different light.  They are NOT all about the color, after all!

From Kathy McIntire at Funky Folk Art in Columbia South Carolina.

Beautiful Carosel from Tammy Wilson in Georgia.

From my friend J who recently visited a fancy museum where they were showing Henri Matisse paintings.  

"Dance Your Heart Out. Keep Moving"
 I absolutely LOVE this one, too! 
From Christine Brooks in Flagstaff, AZ.
I think I'll hang this one up in my sewing room where I can see it regularly!

Want to see more?  Kat created a video showcasing the artwork in this year's exchange :

There's also a FaceBook Event Group for Liberate Your Art.
Or use the social media tag  #lya2017

Check out my LYA blog posts from years past.
Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web!

Have a wonderfully creative year!

The Blog Hop is happening April 14-16, 2017.

See where your art landed ...  It's kind of like tossing your cards up in the air, and seeing where they landed around the world.  Join us ...


Lisa Comperry said...

The cards you received are gorgeous..I love your postcard received in our side swap :-) Nice to see you again!!

NatashaMay said...

Love seeing where all the postcards landed. You got some great ones. :) And I totally love the one you sent in. I'm sorry I didn't get it.

Sheila said...

So glad to have the chance to swap with you again Michele! Thank you :) Love the cards you created. You received a terrific set as well. Look forward to seeing you in the swap next year, Happy creating to you :)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Enjoyed viewing the entire collection - not a dud in the bunch! Very inspirational.

Mellowood Gallery said...

I was just floored when I saw your card on the FB page - it is wonderful and I like it even better in this blog. You also got a great selection in the mail. The LYA swap is a great idea.

Sea Dean said...

A beautifully presented blog. Your card this year was very striking.

Linda Ursin said...

Love the drummer. You got some pretty cards sent to you too :)

Kat van Rooyen, CZT said...

Your card is stunningly Beautiful! I wish I had one for my wall. Great post!

Kat van Rooyen, CZT said...

I forgot to add that I got one of your cards here in Tazewell Virginia USA! Thank you so much! ✨💖✨

Suzette Rothlisberger said...

I keep saying this...You also have postcards I haven't seen anywhere else. You have a beautiful batch of postcards. This has been so much fun and I'm looking forward to next time. I'm hoping to see you then. Take care.

Suzette Rothlisberger said...

You have some wonderful postcards. I'll look forward to seeing you next time. Take care until then.

hula-la said... wonderful! I just love this swap, and I love hopping around to see what everyone has received and sent! Aloha!

Cathy H. said...

Wonderful postcards! Love the one you sent!

twil123123 said...

Beautiful!!! Happy LYA 2017!