Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eye Candy

I just spent a pile of money at Joggles to get many of the supplies for Sue B's Mixed Media class (online). Should be fun and messy, too.

My heart has been leaping and lusting for some of the lovely collections of fibers Quilting Arts is selling in their online store under Fiber & Embellishments. Feast your eyes on these colors and textures!

Oliver Twist Silk Sensations Strata Packs :

I'm leaning towards Pebble and Spruce (above).

Then there are the Oliver Twist Experimental Packs :

Silver Birch

Then there are the Lamb's Tail Fibers :

I want to get some, but I can't quite decide which sets. They are all so lovely! What projects would these lovely pallettes inspire?


Vicki W said...

Buy them all! You rae going to be so inspired byt he Mixed Media class that I am CERTAIN you will NEED all of it.

lee said...

wow - what an awful thing to have to choose...

In response to your (and other people's) questions on transfer paints I wrote a post specific to them. Thanks for your kind words -

lee said...
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