Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mixed Media Class - Brown Paper Bag Surface

This is my brown paper bag surface.
An ordinary brown paper shopping bag cut to a single piece of paper, crumpled, and painted with brown acrylic paint. I discovered that the watered-down paint did not hold enough color to be effective. So this batch is straight from the bottle.

After it dried, I crumbled it again, and flattened it out, then rubbed it with a regular ink pad in Coffee Bean and Copper. The ink pad hit the high spots and highlighted them nicely.

Then I fused this paper bag surface to a piece of black cotton. I used Stitch Witchery this time, because it's is more readily available here in town. I'm out of Misty Fuse ... The Stitch Witchery seemed to work out very well for this application. It's a little bit more course than the Misty Fuse, but acceptable for this project as the paper bag is not some delicate organza!

My husband wanted a padded case in which to keep his new laptop computer. So I layered the paper bag fabric with Warm 'n Natural batting and a green flannel for the lining. I bound all the edges so they'd be finished, and sewed up the sides to make the following laptop case. No straps or handles. He'll keep this in his backpack.

My husband loves it! "Very Manly-looking" he says. And the coolest part will be people's faces when he tells them it's made from a recycled paper bag! Doesn't it look like old, warn leather?

Depending on how it wears, we may decide to put some kind of sealant on it to protect the paper cover. It was a little too much work to have it just shred on the first trip!

It's amazing what can be done with these techniques!

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