Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art Papers

In January/February, I purchased some Starburst Stains and Moon Shadow inks from Lindy's Stamp Gang.

I haven't been so impressed with them on fabric, but look at it on paper :

I purchased this holey art paper also in Jan/Feb. It was an ivory color in its "pure" state. I started daubing and painting on the starburst stains, but it seemed to be taking too long to cover the surface. Eventually, I crumpled up the damp paper into a ball and poured on the starburst stains and inks, and squeezed the color through--and got this wonderful result!

I used MistyFuse to fuse the art paper to a dark base fabric. With enough heat, the MistyFuse melts and disappears (as through the holes in the paper). This will make a lovely journal cover someday.

This one could use a little more sparkle ... I don't think this one is quite finished yet. Stay tuned!

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