Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Here's the full quiltie (again, it's square ; my design wall is warped.) This was a class project from a few years ago in threadpainting. The teacher was a painter, so she had a wonderful sense of color and how to mix the threads to get the desired effects. You can see an example of the pine bow behind the bird.

This was also quite an exercise in marking and quilting the quilt.
* The background was echo-quilted freehand with clear thread (no marking needed).
* The pinecones and acorns in the corners were drawn on quilting paper, pinned to the quilt, and stitched through. Afterwards, I pulled the paper off. The stitching perforates the paper so it comes off pretty easily. This is a great technique where precision is needed. See a little more about the technique here.
* On the borders, I used a sliver of soap to and a ruler to mark the grids. The great part about using soap to mark is that is comes off with just a spritz of water. (Lever 2000 is a great one to use as it's hard. And it comes in blue and white.)

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