Monday, November 16, 2009

Simply Salt : First Experiments

Windsor and Newton Inks (Vermillion, Carmine, and Black India Ink) after drying with the application of salt.

My own "ink" made from Procion dye (no soda; no salt) in black and fire red seemed to work well so far. The lutradur was not laying flat as it dried on this piece, so the salts and inks could run a bit, making this lovely coral patterning. The irregularities caused or allowed for movement as it dried. Nice! Even though I brushed off the rock salt, there's still a sparkle to these pieces that doesn't show in the pics.

Here are some detail shots for the coral piece :

Salt crystals formed on the blotter board on which the lutrador pieces were drying.


Shari said...

These are lovely. I am also experimenting and am part of the group on Yahoo. I love your pieces, especially the wonderful flowing lines you achieved. How did you get those great squiggly lines in white? I hope you post more pics.

Vicki W said...

These are beautiful!

Karen said...

Very nice I like th coral one the best.