Monday, November 16, 2009

Beading with Fannie

Samplar with stacked and encrusted beads.


Detail of encrusted beads.

Last weekend, I took another class with Fannie Weurach. Here's the samplar from the class. Now I know how to encrust my work, too! Thanks, Fannie. I need to get a picture of us together!

Fannie is known for her bead-encrusted art quilts. I met her at the Oshkosh Public Museum at the Meet the Artist Event back in March. She was a fellow artists there, working on a new piece. She's just a delightful and interesting person! The more we talk, the more we seem to have in common--from spinning yarn, to working in health care, to hand-dyeing fabric, to Newfies, to Goddess History.

I have a few pieces begging for beads, but felt I needed to take a class to get over my fear of the tangled bird nest syndrome on the back of beaded works. (At least my beaded works wind up with tangled bird nests on the back.

I also LOVE Larkin Van Horn's work, and have great intentions of actually using some of my very own snow and hand-dyed fabric with beads to do something inspired by her beadwork.

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