Monday, November 16, 2009

Velvet Scarf a la Gay Feather

Sew Savvy invited Conversations-in-Cloth to attend a program in which Virginia from Gay Feather in Madison, WI, came to show us her patterns and store samples at a house party in Appleton. Visit the Sew Savvy post to view a photo montage of Virginia's fashion show. You'll see some unusual patterns, and beautiful fabrics. All the patterns are for sale through Gay Feather. Feel free to ask Gay Feather questions on anything you see there.

She opened a shop in Madison just as I left and moved to Oshkosh. My husband even likes her shop because she sells REAL linens and silks and woolens. It's a texture-lovers paradise! If you are ever in Madison, WI, stop in to see what she has for sale, and on display. The button collection alone is worth a stop!

When I was looking for fabrics to make my wedding dress, I had to trek to Chicago to get linen and silk. At the time, no one sold those nice (real) fabrics in Madison. Virginia is filling a niche there!

I don't sew clothes anymore, but if I did, I'd likely make this jacket out of this gorgeous double-sided linen. Mmmmmh!

I did purchase a kit of silk and burnout velvet to make this yummy scarf.

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