Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 103 - Kim's Light Tulips

Kim gave us one last sample image for us to do with what we liked.  The same tulip as last time, but with a light background this time around.  I am partial to these colors : Pink and Green and Cream.  I even made a quilt a while back in this color scheme.  Sigh!

Here's my processing step-by-step :
Layer 1 : Kim's sample Background image cropped
Layer 2 : Copy Layer 1. Radlab : POS Lens, Rusty Cage, EZBurn2
Layer 3 : Kim Klassen's Texture Naturally - Soft Light 100% Opacity
Layer 4 : Text - Pristina Font ; Normal blend mode 47%

Here's Kim's original sample image.   Lovely in itself!

This is nearly the last day of class for Beyond Layers II.  I'm sad to see it ending--so I signed up for Beyond Beyond (aka 2B), but now I'm already 4 months behind and a bit overwhelmed at the thought of jumping in so late.  I'm also contemplating purchasing LightRoom4.  I've been using Google's free Picasa which has worked great for organizing photos and doing basic edits, even some fun effects comparable to Instagram.  However, I'm realizing that although Picasa can save psd files, it tends to flatten everything down to a jpg, which means I loose the layers from Photoshop Elements.  I'm almost ready to make the Light Room leap ...  It will be easier with Kim's lessons forcing me to see and do new things with it.


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