Friday, April 19, 2013

Beyond Beyond - Day 1 : Variations on a Theme

I'm behind even though I'm right on time.  Everyone else seems to have started Beyond Beyond way back in January.  I decided to wait until I finished Beyond Layers (Section II) in April, or I'd feel too overwhelmed with double assignments.  And here I am--feeling overwhelmed anyway.  A few Beyond Layers friends recommended jumping in at Day 12, but it felt like I was missing things from the first 12 lessons--foundational things that would be used and built upon in later lessons.  So I went back to the beginning--a very good place to start.  I'll be plodding along at my turtle's pace for the remainder of the year.   Too late to even add my offering to the assignment page.  Sigh!

About this image :  Kim asked us to set up a scene and take 10 (or so pictures) from all angles.  Then we could make a collage or just work up the best one from the set.  A neighbor has a pussy willow tree currently in full bloom : A perfect subject for this time of year!  The lighting was late afternoon in front of a rainy and foggy window with southern exposure.

Photo Processing :
Layer 1 : Background Layer
Layer 2 : Copy Background Layer
Layer 3: Kim Klassen's Karla Texture ; Multiply blend mode at 45%
Layer 4 : Outside the Fray's Light Grunge 04 Texture ; Soft Light at 52%
Layer 5 : Text - Pristina Font - Overlay at 88%
Layer 6 : Color Fill frame - Soft Light at 46%

Beyond Layers


Marie Z. Johansen said...

Hello Michelle:
I was the recipient of one of your blueberry postcards from Kat's swap. It's really a treat, and I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Love this - haven't heard that phrase for so long I'd forgotten all about it. Coupled with the pussywillows - perfect!

Valerie-Jael said...

HI Michele, wanted to thank you for the beautiful postcard I received from you via Kat's swap! Best wishes from Germany, Valerie