Sunday, May 26, 2013

2B D10 Blue Bird Spring

For this week's lesson, Kim told us to be creative and play with a Spring theme.  I think I'm finally getting the hand of layer masks--after only 18 months at this!

Ok, so the little bluebird isn't real.  That's not to say I wouldn't want the little fellow to sit on my hand for a while.

Here's the original image straight outta my camera with a white foam board as a backdrop and light from a window.  Looks like it was an overcast day.   I love the way the shadows add some interest to the foam core.  It's such a great blank slate for the textures to be added later ...

Layer 1 : Background image
Layer 2 : Levels - Soft Light blend mode 100%
Layer 3 : Kim Klassen's Isobel texture rotated 90 degrees ; Multiply 100%
                   Layer mask to remove 50% texture on bird and my hand
Layer 4 : Copy Layer 3 BEFORE layer mask applied - Soft Light 85%
Layer 5 : Kim Klassen's Cherish Texture - Multiply 50%; Layer mask on bird only
Layer 6 : Text - FB Buttercreame Font ; Color Burn 81% with a Layer Style
Text color chosen from background texture.

Beyond Layers


Beverly said...

And you are making lovely work my friend! The foam board really makes a nice backdrop - a great idea. Love the textures you chose.

Diane said...

I think that turned out beautifully. Very nice work! I don't understand half the terms but I applaud you for working so diligently to produce this fine work of art using textures!