Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Few More Liberate Your Art Postcards

After the blog hop for The Liberate Your Art Post Card Exchange last weekend, I connected with a few more Creatives and traded PCs.   A great way to extend the anticipation of getting more of these gifts in the mail and mapping where the cards came from.

Here is the Beauty-by-Mail that came to me this week :

 An art quilt by Idaho Beauty, Sheila Barnes.  I would love to see this quilt in real life.
All those little willow leaves are stitched into it, and the quilting ... Wow!

This fantastic postcard is by one of my fellow Beyonders, Nancy Jean at Creative Thoughts.  
These are my favorite colors together.  Yummy!  Beauty from Carol Stream, IL.

 This gorgeous, golden view is by Andrea Hayes of Scrappin Shutterbug in Trenton, NJ.
I'm glad Andrea caught this moment in time, and shared it.  Beautiful and inspiring!

Apples by Diane Jarvis-Schuller.  Lovely still-life--just like an old painting.

 Sheila Hughes sent me one of her "Abandoned" postcards from Canada.  I just love stuff like this--abandoned wrecks, thinking about what things might have been like in the good old days, but still appreciating it now with a different beauty.    It could be cold and lonely, but she's added some warmth to it.   Thank you, Sheila!

I am so pleased that these artists were generous enough to share these cards with me.  
Thank you, Ladies!    
I definitely plan to participate in this Postcard Exchange again next year.  
It's been a wonderful experience!


Helen said...

Hi Michele - you have some very fine cards here - It's been such a great swap. I'd be pleased to send you one of my swans you mentioned on my site - I haven't I've any left but I'll definitely be adding some to my next postcard order and I'd love to send you one.

The Idaho Beauty said...

You really did score some additional beautiful postcards - thanks for sharing and for featuring mine at the top! I too wish you could see the real thing - thanks for the compliments on my stitching.

Diane said...

It's been a wonderful side swap and thank you so much for your beautiful contribution. I'm so very grateful.