Monday, May 13, 2013

2B Day 6 : Nest From Above

The Beyond Beyond lesson this week required us to shoot a scene from above.  I used one of the bird nest pictures from the Light-hunting photo shoot on the weekend.  This photo was shot upstairs in a stairwell window at 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon.  It was overcast, but sometimes sunny.  The nest was sitting on a foam white board which made the perfect blank slate for this exercise.  This was a new staging site and time for me. 
Background image - straight outta my camera.

Here's the processing step-by-step :
Layer 1 : Background image
Layer 2 : Copy background image ; Screen blend mode 34% opacity
Layer 3 : Kim Klassen's Paper Stained Light Texture ; Multiply 100%
Layer 4: Copy Layer 4 ; Color Burn 18%
Layer 5 : Text - Pristina Font ; Normal blend mode ; 71% opacity

I know the texture will look heavy and overdone for some of the Beyonders.  But Kim's "Barely There" preset just didn't work very well with this image, nor did her recipes for this lesson.  I took careful notes, though, so they may come in handy in future. 

Beyond Layers

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