Sunday, October 20, 2013

2BD30 - Street Portraits


Today's lesson was on Street Portraits.  Kim asked us to take to the streets and actually ASK our oh-so-photographic subjects if we could take their picture(s), as opposed to stealth street photography taken with a telephoto lens at some distance.   My pictures come from The Door County Ren Faire this past summer.  My subjects are essentially street performers.   I did ask to take their pictures, though. 

       The Rat Catcher

For both portraits, I started with a clean edit, then used the Holga-ish Filter in Picasa.    The black-and-white helps the viewer focus in on the subject and tames down other things (bus-i-ness) going on in the picture.

Why didn't I use Light Room or PSE?  In truth, I had another street portrait of a local Oshkosh Lady (Someone I did not know ...) sitting at the edge of Miller's Bay looking out on the water.  I was experimenting with different effects on her photo.  Then it just disappeared. Poof!  I don't know where it went--not to trash, not even available in "recently edited" and no longer in the folder where I had saved the original.   Grrrrr!   So I went back to a known entity : Picasa, for the above pics.   Simple edits done with a predictable program.

Beyond Layers

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