Thursday, October 03, 2013

October 2013 Photo-Heart Connection : Farm-Fresh Eggs and 2 Hearts

Something so simple as farm-fresh eggs from the Saturday Farmer's Market.  I love how they give us a variety of eggs from different chickens "Red" eggs to a coppery "Saxifrage Olive."   Eggs also make me think of the fragility of life.  The shells are strong -- to a point, but also fragile.  Easy to break.    They are meant to be strong enough to protect a baby chick until it bursts out on it's own power.   Or something else happens to break it out ...  Which leads me to this :

"The most living moment comes
when those who Love each other
meet each other’s eyes and in
what flows between them.”

Truthfully, the photo that really touched my heart in September was this one.  I know--It's not a great picture--I had the wrong lens on my fancy new camera ...  In September, some close friends decided to get married after years of being an item.  As long as I've known them, they've been a couple.  They just hadn't bothered to get married.  The time is right : Their kids are grown ...  One of them has a serious health issue at present.   Maybe the thought that one of them could die before they ever officially tied the knot was the factor that nudged them onto this new leg of their journey together.  That and health insurance ...

In this picture, they are looking into each other's eyes -- Best Friends -- about to walk down the aisle to get married.  Even though it's a blurry picture, you can tell there's a lot of LOVE passing between them in this moment.   They embody the Rumi quote above. 

Best Wishes to you both, Vicki and Lee!  Thank you for letting be be part of your story.  It's an honor!

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Kat Sloma said...

The connection to the heart is what matters, not the perfection of the photo. I saw the connection between those two people when I looked at your second image. It conveys so much. Thank you for going with your hear, and sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection. It is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of those eggs.


Susan said...

Don't apologize for this image...I like the blur, the focus on where they're about to go-the softness that comes thru-the tenderness I think is enhanced by the blur. Love is a blurry thing too. How nice for your friends. I hope the health issues subside (now that they'll have wonderful health insurance-maybe-we hope-egad)

Prairie Jill said...

Two beautiful photo-heart connections!

Diane said...

I love the story behind the second photo very much -- and I love the photo of the eggs as well as your eloquent view of how you see eggs. Lovely all of it.

seabluelee said...

We have a small flock of assorted hens, and our eggs look similar to yours. I love the varied colors. Your second image is a wonderful Photo-Heart Connection. I like the couple's soft focus. I wish your friends good health and many more years of happiness together.