Friday, October 10, 2014

Disappearing 9-Patch Blocks

I'm off to Quilt Camp this weekend.  [BIG Smile!]  One of the projects I have planned to work on is a Disappearing 9-Patch.  You know : the one where you make regular 9-patch blocks, then cut them up, turn two blocks, and put 'em back together again.   It makes a really simple block much more interesting.  And it looks like you spent many more hours than you actually did on the piecing. 

At the top of this post, you see one of the blocks.  On the left is the un-cut block; On the right is the cut and "re-formatted" block.  I like to make sample blocks to use as a model, otherwise, it's too easy to go on auto-pilot at Quilt Camp, and discover you've made enough blocks for an entire quilt -- all wrong.  This way, I have a visual sample to compare with to keep me on track.

Here's the other block : 1 whole and 1 cut apart and put back together again.  I really like this color combination, and I'm excited to see how it all comes together ...  Stay tuned!   Gotta go cut strips to get ready ...

Marilyn Campbell demonstrated this super-simple technique at Quilt Camp several years ago, and she piqued my interest.  I'm finally going to make one myself!  Unfortunately, Marilyn is not attending Quilt Camp this year due to health reasons.  I will miss her.  This photo is from 2012.  Did I mention, she's also a great cook?  Especially with blueberries!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

So nice to include the source of your inspiration. Retreats like your quilt camp can create special bonds. When someone misses a year her absence is sorely felt. What a perfect time to work on this quilt block you learned from Marilyn - she will be there in spirit.