Monday, October 27, 2014

Progress on the Disappearing 9-Patch

After it was done last week, I realized one of the blocks was turned the wrong way.  I had an eerie feeling when I was putting it together -- a few things literally didn't FEEL right, but I didn't stop to investigate right then either.  Do you see it?

At first, I thought I'd go ahead and rip out the offending block, set it properly and re-sew the seams.  But my friend Sheila gently suggested that I might want to leave it as is.  She cited the Amish Quilters who are famous for always including a mistake in their quilts.  In their humble POV, only God is perfect.  The mistake keeps them humble.  [My husband who grew up in Lancaster, PA--Amish country-- debunked that story as a myth.  Quilting has become a profitable business for the Amish, and a story like that helps sell quilts -- even quilts that are imperfect.]  It's still a good story. ;-)

Now I just need to decide if that little accidental design change is going to drive me crazy, or if I can live with it.  I know that leaps of innovation can happen with mistakes like this ...  but I think I prefer my mistakes to be a little more subtle.  Ok--a lot more subtle.

Nope--I had to go ahead and fix it :

Corrected Quilt Top.
There -- Isn't that better?

I still need to work out the borders.  Don't worry : There'll be more chances for mistakes!


Vicki W said...

I agree, I would have had to fix it too!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I was having a hard time seeing it, although I finally ended up in the vicinity. I didn't have a firm grasp of the outline of the actual block which then became clear when you showed the top with the block removed. Yes, I'm sure I would have fixed it too were it my top, but I love that story - not limited to the Amish - about the humble block. A great excuse should one not care to rip and fix!