Saturday, January 03, 2015

Word Cloud Explorations in Light

Wordle: Light Kindled

Word Cloud made with Wordle.  I was having way too much fun with Wordle!   Of the word cloud generators I tried, Wordle is by far my favorite--and worth installing the Java applet.  I encourage you to play, too!     I love how some of them came out formatted like poetry--scroll down to see more examples.   

Word cloud made with WordItOut

A Word Cloud is a wonderful way to visually work out a pile of ideas.  It can help bring order to chaos.   For this one, I used WordItOut, with text from The Free Dictionary's entry for Light.  This was my warm-up, so to speak.  But it seemed to be missing many of the words/terms/ideas that I brainstormed myself (and too many references to smoking cigarettes), so I went back to the drawing board with my own list and went wild with Worlde.  The funny thing is : They were pretty good, and then I added the word connection (think : fiber optic communications with or without the fiber optics), and that seemed to bring it all together!This one came out looking like a scratch board where the color comes through and pops with that black background.    Or Christmas Lights on a dark night ...

Here are a few more Wordles to show you what's possible : 

Wordle: Light on White
  Wordle: Light on White 2
  Wordle: Light on Black
 Wordle: Light on Black 2
  Wordle: Light on White 3
  Wordle: Light on White 4
  Wordle: Light on Black
  Wordle: Light Poetry

Wordle lets you choose color palettes, fonts, and general formating of the words.  Or just hit Randomize until you get something you like.   I saved them to the Wordle Public Gallery.  I didn't quite figure out how to save them to my own files, or rotate them when it made sense.  I can always go back to them later.  

Thanks for joining me on my Light Journey.  Smiles!


The Idaho Beauty said...

I haven't played with word clouds since they first came out. Ran my blog through it and wondered just how many of the posts it was actually scanning for the results. Here's one version I saved

Yours are more interesting in arrangement. I'll have to try this again.

osiana said...

I like the black background with red word for LIGHT...