Friday, June 05, 2015

Lantern and Stone


[Please click on the photo to see a larger version : It will be worth it to see more detail!]

I've been thinking about this one for months ...  Back in January, in the depths of winter, I took this little candle lantern down to the basement, along with the camera.  I wanted it to light the stone wall with the drama I knew it could capture.

And of course it needed an appropriate quote.  What better than this one attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt? 

I also used one of my very own recent gold and purple gelatine prints on this one.  I was really surprised how it brought warm reds to the image.  It was one of those perfect texture applications, that you know works, and there's no going back to a time before it!

Photo-processing Layer-by-Layer (a simple recipe) :
Layer 1) Background image #4179
Layer 2) Text : Blue Cabin Font with Bronze Medium Style
Layer 3) Purple and Gold Gelatine Plate Texture (Scan 4) (my own)- Soft Light blend mode at 100%

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Anonymous said...

Very nice!
--V. Moen