Sunday, June 21, 2015

2LO Texture-Making Class : High Flow Acrylics

 These have so much depth and richness in person.   
Thanks to so many layers with the inks.

Continuing with the lessons in Denise Love's online Texture-making Class.
This lesson used High Flow Acrylics on Yupo paper. 

The spring green version.

Here I was mixing the warm colors.  
Yellows and reds, and it all came out looking orange.   HOT!

 This is the first one I did, just playing with the brayer, pushing the ink around. 
Only 1 color ink on this one.

I love the results, but each one took more than 20 minutes to work up.  That's why I only made 3 textures in this session -- and I was running out of ways to mix the colors.  Perhaps I'll have to come up with some color mixing recipes I can sit down with -- but still welcome the serendipity effect.  
I finally quit when then brayer started lifting too much off with each pass.

I'd like to do more with this technique, but I need to get more Yupo.  
Not quite sure why it isn't available locally.

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