Sunday, June 07, 2015

Infused Oil for Green Herbs Baby Soap Recipe updated

For anyone interested in soap-making, I updated the Green Herbs Baby Soap post from 2010.  I found a new and easier way to make the infused oil required for this soap, using a slow cooker. 

It worked great!

Fresh chopped Plantain and dried Chickweed with Olive Oil in the crock pot, ready to infuse for 10-12 hours with temps between 100 - 120 degrees F.

Green Gold!
The newly infused oil, cooled and double strained.  Ready for a new batch of 
Green Herbs Baby Soap.  


The Idaho Beauty said...

What's gotten into you, girl? You've been overflowing with creative energy lately! ;-) Nice to see.

Michele Matucheski said...

Sheila, you asked what's gotten into me for this burst of creativity?

1) I'm taking a class in how to make textures. It's re-kindled my long-time interest in surface design.

2) The class prompted a shopping spree for new art supplies--spurred by the fact that my retirement money for February was not pulled out of my paycheck and put into my 403b like it should have been. Since I got paid, that money is now taxed--so I decided to make an investment in my future. Studies have shown that people who make art suffer less Alzheimer's and Dementia. ;-) Any excuse to buy art supplies! It keeps me off the streets; It's better than gambling, and (if I make stuff) I have something to show for it!

3) I created a new studio/reading space on the porch for Spring and Fall. It's starting to get warm enough that I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to work there this summer. I've already gotten more time than I expected! Just having space to move has been liberating and a boon to my creativity. My sewing room is too full now--Hard to find things, hard to do anything in there. And it's not really setup for wet media like paints or inks. The basement studio is also full--and too cold and unpleasant to work in most times of the year. It is an escape in summer, though, as it's the only cool place in the house. So I may retreat back there as summer gets hotter. The light isn't great, there, so colors look different when I bring them upstairs. Fortunately, most of my stuff is inspired by serendipity.

4) I think you'd like the Marbling. Even if you do it once -- you'd have some good textures you could print to fabric and use for your journals. Apparently, it's as easy to print to fabric as it it to paper. This is one thing that will be better in the basement where I have a sink and running water close by.