Sunday, June 21, 2015

2LO Texture-making Class : India Ink on Yupo

Continuing with 2 Lil Owls'  Texture-making class, this lesson focused on India Ink on Yupo Paper.

These black textures are what Kim Klassen calls Magic Textures, as you can use the screen blend mode in PhotoShop or PS Elements to layer these into a photograph.  Truly--it doesn't come out black and inky!  Here's an example.

Even the brayer unloading pages in my Waste-Not/Want-Not book came out looking kind of cool!  See below ...

On the  final set (below), I tried the India Ink and brayer technique on the photo paper I had.  It seemed to work much better than than the Alcohol inks did on that paper.  I have a stack of it for a photo printer that is long gone.  (This paper actually never worked well in that little printer, either.)  I think they look better if you don't work this photo paper too much -- I just need to remember that if I use it again.  The over-worked ones look a little duller in the middle.

I actually did these a few weeks ago, but --you know how it is when you make something new -- It comes from you, it's yours, but it still looks foreign--NOT yours.  Even though it is.  I had to let these sit a while so I could get used to them.  To claim them as my own. 

I suspect I'll be playing more with this method -- as soon as I get more Yupo paper. ;-)

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