Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Design Possibilities for a new iPhone Case

It seems my old iPhone case has done an admirable job of protecting my device.  By now, I can feel scratches in the case, and I think it's time for a new one ...

I'm entertaining the idea of having another one printed with one of my very own designs on it at  They have an option where you can upload one of your own images to have printed to the smartphone case. 

What do you think of these as possibilities?
The image at the top is a Kaliedecam (app) kaleidoscope.   I LOVE how it turned out, but not sure I want to carry around so much yellow with  me on my iPhone.  As a personal statement, that's not quite me.  Too fiery, I guess.  I'm much cooler ...

Like this one:
 This one is another Kaliedecam kaliedescope of some of my watercolor textures.  Nice and simple.   I like this one, too, but not sure I want such a blue case.  I'm afraid it might get lost to easily amid all the clutter at my house and office.

One more Kaliedecam mandala, taken from one of my quilts.

I really love this one ...  but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for an iPhone case?  This was actually the first one I pulled into the template, but my husband said  no ... so I deleted it.  And then I worked it up again with a few changes (flipping the image to balance with the iPhone camera eye).  This one is still my favorite and could be a real possibility!

 Here's the larger shot of this image.  The camera placement is a little better here ...
This was a photo of a performer at the Bristol Ren Faire a few years ago.  I worked the image in PhotoShop and Topaz Impression to get the painterly look and feel.  I love how her hair came out!

This one is from one of my textures of a rusty lime kiln.  Looks understated, and simple, even dreary, but I love the texture on this one,  but it seems a little too camaflage-y.  I'm afraid it might get lost, too.

 This one is a distress stain texture.  Looks cook, but too dark for me to actually have it made up for my own use. 
 This texture was made with alcohol inks.  Looks pretty neat with the depth it brings, but brown is not really my color ...

This one is a closeup detail shot of the granite counter top in my kitchen.   I loved it when we got it, and I still love it, but again it might be too dark to serve as an iPhone case.  This looks really cool -- but not sure the image will scale up without getting pixel-ly upon printing. 

My current case has a white marble image with pink streaks running through it.  I was looking for something light and airy --- and that fit the bill.   It also doesn't hurt that the pink streaks act kind of like kryptonite to certain male members of my household.  

Decisions - Decisions.  What would you choose?  
Or would you tell me to scrap all of these and start over?

I'm going to sit with these before I make a final decision ...

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I don't care how bright and firey it is, I like the first one the best! I also know how much you like that dancer photo and having her on your phone would really be you. I was surprised I didn't like the texture ones better, but maybe because there's so much of that on the market already, none of these particularly distinctive.

I know that like me, you have a ton of photos stockpiled you could choose from. And that may be part of the problem - so many that it's hard to track down the perfect one. ;-)