Thursday, July 06, 2017

Frozen by too Many Color Choices

I dug out my old Periodic Table of Colors - made in an online dye class several years ago.  My intention this 4th of July was to dye a few blank outfits. I have the color samples, and the dye recipes to repeat colors.  And still ...

I'm immobilized by so many color choices and options.  [I can't believe I'm saying this!]  And once I do pick the colors and combinations, will my dye be too old to create such bright colors anymore?  Will I be left with mud?  Do I even remember how to do it?  Ugh!  Do I just toss a coin and go with the color it lands on?  No -- I know I want purple -- but WHICH Purple?

I'll try this again another day.  I need to do the planning BEFORE the weekend comes when it's time to do the work of adding color to life!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh dear, someone who understands my problem . . .

It's what keeps me from dyeing at all sometimes - which recipe should I do this time? What was it I thought I wanted to try? Do I already have too much of that color or similar? And yes, all my dye powder is now very old.

Time to say it really doesn't matter. However it turns out will be fine. :-)