Sunday, July 02, 2017

New Blocks for Mande's Star Quilt

My mom asked me to make a quilt for my sister who lives in Japan.  Although an accomplished and prolific quilter herself, my mom has developed some health issues that do not allow her to quilt much anymore.  Since I don't live close enough to help her out daily or even weekly, I said I would do this for her-- because it's something I can do where I am.

They wanted a little lime green thrown in, too.  So I'm making that the center of the star that will radiate out in oranges and blues ...

Sorry--The oranges in this pic with the lime green are not quite what I see in real life.  Real life colors is more like the orange and blue above... 

Orange and Blue are the main colors.   Although my mom and I both have enough blue in our stashes to make this quilt, neither of us had many oranges.  Good reason to go on a shopping spree collecting orange fat quarter sets.  ;-)

So far, I have 12 blocks made of the required 56.  I wanted to post my progress because it reminds me that I am making progress, and my mom (and Mande) can see how it's coming along, too.  Maybe Ailin will help me to sew some of the strip sets when they are here in August?

Each block is about 12-1/2 inches when cut.  Though I start with 2 18-inch squares of strip sets sewn in opposing color-ways.  Lay them down right sides together, then sew a 1/4 inch seam around the outer edge.  Once that's done, you carefully cut 2 lines corner to corner.  The resulting block is like what you see above.  You can make 4 blocks at a time with this method.  I can't seem to find the instructions at the moment, but I'll add a link to a demo when I locate one. 

This is essentially the same basic block as in Aidin's Corner of the Sky Quilt, only these will be set differently--without cornerstones and strapping in between.  It's a wonderfully versatile block-and essentially a souped up half-square triangle.

This is how I'm planning to lay it out for Mande's Star Quilt  (minus the red squares in the centers) :

At present, I have enough for the star in the middle, but no room to lay it out for you here. 
Only 36 blocks to go! Plus borders.

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