Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Joy : Week 24 Let's Do 52

This shot deserved it's own post.  Why not link it up with JOY?
I guess it also shows the uses of reflected light to bring out the colors.  This is much brighter and more vivid than the whole quilt pictures we took.  
I made a quilt for the birth of a close friend's first grandchild. This is the view of it inside the washing machine after it had gone through a cycle. This is how I want to remember this quilt. It is a JOY to welcome a child into the family. A joy to see my friend become a Grandmother; and a JOY to be able to make a quilt to welcome the child. It is a JOY to create ... and a JOY to recognize precious moments like this one.

I was also thinking about the other things that bring me Joy -- my dog (ALL my big black dogs), my family, creating ... making ...    Back in the day Figure / Ice Skating brought me a tremendous amount of JOY, too.  The joy of moving, of flying like the wind, of mastering the physical forces so you could defy gravity ...  But I wasn't sure how to get a photo of that.  It's much more about FEELING for me than watching, or knowing anyone up close whom I could photograph.

SO you'll have to settle for the joyous quilted visual above.  ;-)

And now a joyful musical accompaniment :

Tommy Shaw - Sing for the Day

Stevie Winwood's Higher Love

I am participating in Denise Love's 2017 "Let's Do 52 : 52 Weeks of Photo Prompts" to kick start the lull in my photography.   If you'd like to join us, find out more at the link above.  The more the merrier!

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