Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Round of Snow Dyes

Colors in this batch (ProChem) :
Antique Rose
Gun Metal Gray

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with this batch. I used plenty of dye this time around. Things looked rich and dark in the tray after the snow melted--and then all the color seemed to wash down the drain. These look kind of dull. Sigh!

Troubleshooting :
? They sat wet in the tray for more than 24 hours. I did not pop this batch in the microwave to heat set it before washing. I didn't think Procion worked that way, but I have heard of other snow dyers heat setting the color in microwave ovens.

? The Soda Ash Soak water was room temp. when I started -- a cozy 40 degrees F in my basement wet studio. Is that too cold to properly activate and open the fibers?

? I added the usual amount of Soda Ash and salt to the dye concentrates. Was it too much soda ash with the the pre-emptive soak as well?

? I ran out of the Dharma Soda Ash and am using grocery store Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. Could that be the problem?

? Maybe I forgot to use hot-hot water on the pre-wash with Synthropol?

? Maybe there's extra chlorine in the city water today?

The other dyeing that day looked pretty good by comparison ...

I've come to the conclusion that dyeing is kind of like a gambling addiction--You get 1 or 2 lovely pieces ( a lucky break) and you keep trying to get that back ...

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Karen said...

The Arm & Hammer washing soda isn't strong enough if you used it at the same ratio as the soda ash.


Sometimes it depends on the type of snow that you're using. The fluffy stuff tends to melt quicker and give paler colours.