Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Color by Accident "Layered" Style Dyeing

With some of the remaining dye, I tried the layered (Color-by-Accident) style of dyeing.
Basically, you put fabric in a jar and pour on the dye.
Stuff in a second fabric, and pour on another color of dye.
Stuff in another piece of fabric with yet another color of dye.
The resulting fabrics will mix the colors in lovely and unexpected ways.

See my results below (My colors this day were Wintergreen, Rosewood, and Stormy Skies from ProChem) :

I think this is my favorite one (above) with this one a close second (below) :

Definitely a method I'm will ing to try again!

I've read some dyers buy clear glass vases so they can see the colors layer and blend theough the glass. Maybe I'll check the thrift store--or just use an old Mason jar ...

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