Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Color Wheels : Candied Fabrics Lesson 7

 Here is the 25-inch square Color Wheel from the Brights triad.  
The Big Circles are the Primary Colors.
The Big Squares are the Secondaries.
The smaller Trapezoids are Tertiary colors.

In this recommended layout, each color should be an even step-wise gradation.  This layout makes it easier to see those steps.  The big lesson here is that an even step to the eye is not always the same as an even step gradation with the mixing formulas.  You'd think you'd be able to use the Candiotic Table and pick the Primaries in the corners, then halfway between for Secondairies, then halfway between those for tertiaries.  It doesn't quite work out that way visually speaking.  Some colors overpower the others.

Here's an example of the 7-inch swatches dyed for the color wheel, and where they live on the Candiotic Table.  There's a noticeable concentration in the Yellow corner because just a little red or Turquoise goes a long way to changing Lemon Yellow.  

 Here's the smaller 8-1/2 x 11-inch color wheel on paper.  This makes it more portable.  If I make the other wheels, I think I'll just go with the paper, since it's a lot easier to simply write the color recipe next to the color swatch.

 I decided to try a couple other layouts for color wheels.  I know why Candy chose the configuration she did (to show the even steps between Primary - Secondary - and Tertiary colors).  I think these layouts show the relationships between Primary-Secondary-Tertiary, but it's harder to see the even step-wise gradations between them :

Here's a photo of my 7-inch swatches fresh from the rinse bucket.  
They caught the sun so nicely, I had to take a photo!


Thelma said...

Your color wheels look great! Love how you done the two additional kinds of color wheels too.

Candied Fabrics said...

I love those other arrangements! And I know what a PITA making the big fabric color wheel is, the cardstock ones are sooooo much easier!