Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 3 : My Life in 6 Words


 Today's lesson was about telling your story in just 6 words.  Sounds easy enough!  But how do you distill a life down to just 6 words?  Then again--you can do more than one!   I finally settled on :

Late Bloomer.  Worth the wait.    

In this class, I expected to get better with visual arts and Photo Shop Elements, but I never expected this class to be such an introspective and reflective journey.  That extra spirit adds such depth and power to the images.    I am enjoying the ride!

Read more 6-word Memoirs at Smith Magazine.

As for the visual PSE challenge, Kim asked us to simply add the text of our 6 words to a photo.
That task is getting easier.  Baby steps!

PSE Processing on this photo :
Text Layer : Pea Marsha Font at 112 pt.  Color for text is pulled from the shadow of the flower.
Texture Layer : Kim's Wonderful Magic Stars Texture added at Soft Light Blend Mode at 43% Opacity.  This is a mostly black layer.  I wanted to see what it would do to my photo.  To my surprise, it darkens and sharpens, rather than turning everything pitch black.  Nice effect.  I see why Kim calls it "magic."

Here's the original photo taken in my garden this week. ;-)
I love the stone texture of the foundation behind it the Clematis.  Yum!


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