Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 4 : Compassion

 Here's the third round.  [Read from the bottom up, if you want to see this image deconstructed.]  I added another layer of Kim's "Oh My" Texture with Multiply as the blend mode.    Getting a little more nostalgic, and not so ghostly and dreamy ....

 Here's the first run with a layer of Kim's "Oh My" Texture on soft light blend mode.
A layer for the text,  with Apple Chancery font.  I picked a color from the berries to color the text.  I absolutely LOVE that tool because you always get something that matches!  Then I created another layer and "burned" the edges to let more of the texture come through, creating a frame.    Didn't quite seem like it was enough, though ...   or maybe I'm just not used to that blurry effect.

Here's the original photo.   I borrowed one of Oliver's Potions bottles, and adorned it with some winter berries.  This lesson forced me to get out the manual for my camera and fiddle with the exposure compensation setting.  We wanted lots of light here to get a blurry background.  And now I know what some of those numbers mean!


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