Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Splash of Color Makes All the Difference!

Still trying to improve my skills with PhotoShop Elements.  This is a Zentangle Doodle I did last year.  Tonight I added the background layer for some color.  Set the the Darken Blend Mode to 100% opacity.

Robin, do you recognize the background?  It's one of yours!  ;-)
You can download this background from Robin's blog, Life in Color.

Here is the same Zentangle with another one of Robin's backgrounds.  This time I added the background layer with the Multiply Blend Mode at 100%, then I duplicated this layer to get some richer.deeper colors.  Now it has a Southwest feel to it just due to the background color. 


RossysPatchwork said...

I really like it Michelle.
I buy about 3 weeks my Photoshop Elements,
I look always your Fabrics, I look for a workshop at sommer.
Hugs from Berlin

Robin said...

Wow yes that looks great..a fantastic job on your zentangle....Love it..!