Sunday, July 01, 2012

Beyond Layers Days 19-20 : 5 Days of Color

The Beyond Layers assignment for this week was to focus on 5 Days of Color : Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Red.  Except for Blue, these images from my personal archives have very little additional processing beyond basic edits like cropping and color correction in Picassa.  Enjoy!

I wasn't happy with the original blue flower breathe image, so I made another attempt at Blue.  I'm much happier with this one!

Recipe for Blue :
Layer 1 : Original Photo - from the harbor at Kenai, Alaska
Layer 2 : Copy of Background
Layer 3 : Kerstin Frank's Prisma Texture - Soft Light Blending Mode at 100 Opacity
Layer 4 : Duplicate Layer 3 - Soft Light Blending Mode at 64%
Layer 5 : Boost Blues (in Picassa)


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