Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 24 : Pastel Processing

I have to admit, I had a hard time with this assignment, at first.  I'm all about clear communications, vivid, full, saturated colors and sharp images.  Pastels make me a little uneasy ...   Maybe that says something about me?   This style has a definite vintage feel to it.  Dreamy.  Faded memories.   Maybe that's it--fear of loosing those memories, wanting to keep them bright and vivid, instead.   Heck, I dream in technicolor.    Not like this ....  Hence, I looked for a quote that wanted to escape this dream state.

The image at top was partially rendered in RadLab.  Kim recommended a 30-day free trial if we were not already familiar with it.  Yes, the process went much quicker with this handy tool.
I used the following RadLab filters stacked one on top of another : SuperFunHappy - Flora - FlareUpFaded - SuperFunHappy(again).   I did not change the levels for each filter, but used them all as given.  (Actually, I did play with them, but eventually decided to go with the default settings.)

Layer 1 : Copy Background
Layer 2 : Rad Lab Filters Stacked (SuperFunHappy - Flora - FlareUpFaded - SuperFunHappy(again)
Layer 3 : Feathered Frame with color fill. Normal blend mode; 100 opacity.
Layer 4 : Text   GingerSnap and My Underwood.  Normal blend mode 39% opacity.

This is a simple recipe compared to the first round below ...

Let's call this one the manual version.  A similar effect, but it lacks the glow and warmth of the RadLab version above.

Layer 1 : Copy Background Layer
Layer 2 : Smart Blur Filter (added last)
Layer 3 : Add frame and color fill; Multiply blend mode at 100% opacity
Layer 4 : Levels Adjustment; Screen blend mode; 82% opacity
Layer 5 : Hue Saturation - Normal blend mode; 100% opacity
Layer 6 : Frame with color fill - Soft light at 56%
Layer 7 : Kim's Now Texture - Soft light at 100%
Layer 8 : Duplicate Layer 7 - Multiply at 49%
Layer 9 : Text - GingerSnap and My Underwood fonts.  Soft light at 100%
Layer 10 : Duplicate Text Layer.

Whew!  That took a couple hours of experimenting.  Doing and undoing.  I tried a few layer masks to erase some of the effects and texture on the flower reds, but it didn't seem to give me the desired effect, so I deleted those layers. 

Here is the original photo of orchids taken at my Mom's house.  Recognize this, Ma?



Tammy said...

Very creative work you did!!

Mary Ann Roesler said...

86 posonin
Thanks for sharing your process...I also dream in technicolor...doesn't everyone!

Eija said...

Yes, I can see that we've felt the same way...

I like both of your renders - the first one has more glow but also more contrast, whereas in the manual version the pinkishness seems to echo the original colour.