Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 22 : Frame It

This week's assignment for Beyond Layers is to practice framing our images with tools found in PhotoShop Elements.  I used this picture of a sunflower taken a few weeks ago in Denali Park, Alaska.  It struck me that this flower was growing up through rocks, and what strength that takes to survive under such rugged conditions.
Added a Layer of Kerstin Frank's Cerulean Texture, Soft Light Blend Mode, Opacity 73%
I think this one uses the Drop Shadow edging, but its pretty subtle.  Or maybe this is the image before I started playing with frames.  I think I lost track ...
Technique 1 : Setting the background color to white, then using the Crop tool (with Option Key) to extend the canvas beyond the image.   It's possible to choose and change the color of that background.  Although I was selecting other colors, I couldn't get any but the first to stick.  That pale blue frame was picked from  within the image.

Technique 2 : Use the Retangular Marquee Tool (instead of Crop Tool) within 1/4-in of image edges; then Select>Inverse; R-Click > Choose Feather at XX pixels for a soft edge. 

In her class video, Kim demonstrated 3 methods for adding a frame.   It seemed easy enough, but I couldn't help thinking there's probably an even easier way ...

This frame for this one was rendered in Picassa with 1 click and a few sliders.   There must be Actions and Frames galore frame an image quickly and easily.  More to explore ...


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