Sunday, July 08, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 23 : If Not Now, then When?

The lesson this week was about overcoming procrastination.   I know there are things I should be doing (like eating more vegetables), but there are also things I want to stop doing.  Pull back the reins on some things I've been doing to make time for other things that seem more important and fulfilling.   Or even just RESTING.  Relaxing and stop doing so much.  That would be a big change right there!

Here's the recipe for this week's image:
Layer 1 : Copy background of original photo
Layer 2 : Lost & Taken Texture Colorful Grunge 2 ; Overlay blend mode at 100% opacity
Layer 3 : Copy Layer 2; Multiply at 45% opacity
Layer 4 : Copy Layer 3
Layer 5 : Brush / Stamp of text provided by Kim Klassen for Beyond Layers.   Normal blend mode; 100 opacity.  Color chosen from the star bouquet.

This is the original photo taken at my parent's house a few weeks ago.  My Gramma had this star bouquet that I thought was kind of neat.  It had potential ...    The wall in my mom's sewing room is neutral enough to take some decent still life photos.   One of the first edits was to flip the image horizontally.

Quite a difference in the before and after shots, isn't there?


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