Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dyeing Day : New Sun Dress

I dyed up a new sun dress from Dharma in recent weeks.  
The light spots on the backside is dappled sunlight.  It's actually a much more even distribution of color than it appears above.

Using my Candiotic Tables, I picked a color, weighed the dress/fabric, calculated how much dye I would need and mixed up the colors.   Good practice!

Here's a detail shot to show the variation in the colors.  
It's really quite subtle, but pleasing.   I got this by scrumpling the dry dress up into a plastic bin, adding the dye solution, and then the soda solution about 10 minutes (or more) later.  I was able to take advantage of the hot weather this summer and batched it on the driveway for a day.  Worked great!  The bin would not have fit in my dye kitchen microwave.  So mental note : Dye dresses and clothing (larger pieces) in summer to take advantage of the heat.   The dress came out very well--with complete coverage.  Although in my mind, I was thinking they'd have more color separation.  Upon reflection, I should have pre-soaked the dress in soda solution for the color separation effect as demonstrated in the color swatch samples.

Upon further reflection, when I've done the parfait dye method, I don't use so much dye.  That way, some places on the fabric come out white, adding to the texture. 

Although I took meticulous notes, there was a minor disaster in the dye studio where I left the stick blender in the mixing vessel.  It looked like it would remain standing and be fine.  I stepped away for a second and the whole thing tipped over, spilling 3 cups of dye all over my notes, all over the counter, and floor.  What a mess!  My notes are no longer readable, so I'd be guessing if I told you what color I picked for this tranquil blue-green.


Terri Stegmiller said...

That looks like such a comfortable dress. The color is lovely. So sorry to hear about your dye spill.

Robin said...

It looks that color..and you look so pretty in it..!

Candied Fabrics said...

Ah, those blender sticks...I have given up on them, so prone to disaster they are!

Wasn't it awesome to use the Candiotic table for this? :-) I'm so glad I have mine! Now, if I could get that fourth triad done...sigh...