Saturday, September 08, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 37 : Thoughts Become Things

The lesson today was about making things happen.   She also talked about Hope ...  

In my recent internet wanderings, I had seen a photo similar to this one, and decided I could "roll my own" easily enough.    So here's my version.

This is not the recipe Kim shared in today's lesson.  My RadLab trial expired (It was a fun little program, but I couldn't bring myself to pay more for a plug-in than I paid for PhotoShop Elements).   I remember seeing similar treatments as this in RadLab, but I can't tell you what they were.  I'm pleased that I know enough about PSE from taking Kim's class that I can veer off onto my own.  ;-)

Here's my photo-processing recipe :
Layer 1 : Background layer with minor edits.  Used spot-healing tool to remove a fire hydrant in the background, and spider webs in the foreground.  Cropped it down, too.
Layer 2 : Copy Background Layer.  Sepia Tint Action - Normal Blend Mode at 100% Opacity.
Layer 3 : Text    - "Hope"  Brush script Italic 115 pt.  Multiply at 100%. Text color picked from elsewhere in the image.
Layer 4 : Kim Klassen's Warm Sun Texture - Soft Light blend mode at 100%
That got me this far in PhotoShop Elements. [See photo to left.]

Layer 5 : In Picassa, apply Orton-ish Filter.  [See photo at top of post.]   I'm sure this is possible in PSE, but I couldn't find it.  1 click in Picassa!  It adds so much depth and richness.  I love it!

Layer 6 [Optional] : Again in Picassa, add the Polaroid frame.  This kind of spur-of-the moment shot cried out for a Polaroid frame.  But I still liked the full shot at thetop.  Beauty is : I can have both!

Note to self : In going back and forth between PSE and Picassa, I seem to have lost the psd file with the layers in Elements.  I should be more cognizant of that in future.  I may want to go back later and add a different word!


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Beverly said...

You are doing such fantastic work on your layers and adjustments. I totally agree about the price of RadLab vs Elements. I'm learning how to make similar adjustments without the plug-ins. Shhhh!