Saturday, September 01, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 39 : Wild and Precious Life

This week, we were on the hunt for inspired quotes that we can include with our photo creations.  Kim gave us 5 daily prompts.  I finally settled on this quote by Mary Oliver for the Life prompt.

I took this simple photo of a (wild turkey?) feather up at my parents' place a few month's ago.  Very simple and full of potential.   The background was a blank pallet for textures.  Yum!  But the feather itself also has a lot of meaning ...  Will you fly high?  Will you soar?  Will you inspire?  Will you be food for thought?  Will you be someone else's dinner?  Who will you nourish?  What stories will you write (hearkening back to feather pens)?  Will you build nations and help write a Constitution?  What marks will you leave on this world, and the people in it?  Will you make a difference?

I wanted the open space in the middle to be framed by the text and the feather.   Clean and ripe with potential.  The text is blood red because Blood is the pulse of life.  The background texture has a pink tinge to it to give it the Flush of life.  Flesh and Blood.

Here's the Photo Processing Recipe :
Layer 1 : Copy of Background Layer
Layer 2 : Lost & Taken Texture Subtle Grunge 2; Multiply blend mode at 100% opacity
Layer 3 : Ftexturaim045 (pink) Texture by Isabel Marchan;  Soft Light 90%
Layer 4 : Copy Layer 3; Soft Light 57%
Layer 5 : Text - Vivid Light  100%
               Quote by poet Mary Oliver
               Fonts : PeaAimee, Nueva Std, Caflisch Script Pro
               Font Color - Blood red
Museum Matte Frame in Picassa



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Patrice said...

That feather is just delicious!