Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 42 : Imagination Flies

At a gathering in September, someone gave me the blessing of Imagination, written on a small scrap of paper.  This was an important reminder for me ...

For the past few months, I've tried to work this image into the Beyond Layers class lessons, and it just never worked with the given lessons--until now!  There's a lesson on choosing the appropriate base photo!

Here's the photo processing layer-by-layer :
Layer 1 - Background Layer
Layer 2 - Copy background
Layer 3 - Add Texture : Lost & Taken's Colorful Grunge 8 ; Soft Light blend mode at 66% opacity
Layer 4 - Add Texture : Sirius_sdz  #2 from Texture Pack 14 - Soft Light at 56%
Layer 5 - Copy background. Use Crop Tool to extend canvas on one side.
Use Marquee Tool to select the new blank space.  Add a Gradient Layer. Select appropriate color and make adjustments to taste.
Layer 6 - Text - Imagination.  Dear Joe font - Soft Light - Blue color chosen from within the image.  Rotated to fill side bar.
Layer 7 - Duplicate Imagination Text layer.
Layer 8 - Duplicate Imagination Text layer again.  (This allows the gradient to bleed through to the text layer.)
Layer 9 - New text layer with Nabokov quote.   Papyrus font 48 point;  Zapfino 14 point for author attribution.


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Beverly said...

So gorgeous! These two fonts are my most frequently used ones too! Have a great week Michele!