Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 43 : Book Spine Poetry

This week, Kim encouraged us to make some Book Spine Poetry.  I had never heard of this before, but you can guess that it appealed to my Librarian Heart!   These are all books from my home Library.

 At first, I tried textures on these pics, but that just wasn't working, so I went back to Picassa and played with the filters until I found combinations I liked.  Sorry--I didn't take notes on the renderings.  I did try just about everything available in the current version of Picassa!    The books in each stack were all different colors, and contrasts, so it helped to tie them together with a tint or to b/w-ify it. 

Then I pulled them into Photoshop Elements and added the "Book Spine Poetry" title.   Again, I tried a lot of fonts before I found one that seemed to work with these.   1942 Report is the font with Screen and Lighten blend modes at varying opacity.   Then I chose a blend mode that made it blend more subtly into into the background.  I wanted the poetry of the titles to stand out, not the "Book Spine Poetry" explanation.   Font colors were chosen from within each picture.  That's such a nice way to tie into a color palette that works for each image.

Don't think I could do this assignment on my Kindle!


Beverly said...

The way you've pulled the focus in onto the titles is wonderful!! How about you going off to quilt camp next weekend!!!?? Yes, I too have laid aside my sewing machine for photography...but I know it is temporary...once I finish BL-II I will spread my spare time between both hobbies. :) Enjoy your quilting time!! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I love the book spine poetry. I may try my hand at it.