Sunday, October 07, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 44 : Dabbling with RadLab

I can't say I followed the Lesson / Recipes today.  But I did the work, and practiced my Art.

And I did go ahead and purchase RadLab.  The price is down to $99 at present--which beats all the coupons and such last summer, back when it still cost more than PhotoShop Elements.   Birthday Money.

Kim's lesson this week shared manual recipes (aka deconstructed) for 2 RadLab stylets, Bullet Tooth and Troy.   By finally purchasing RadLab, I could easily tell that these 2 particular filters would not work very well with the image above--the image that's been burning a hole in my brain, and saying, "Isn't it about time you do me?  Now!"

Here is the Photo Processing on the above image :
Layer 1 : Background
Layer 2 : RadLab Antique Tone
Layer 3 : Jerry Jones Texture Entropy 2 at Soft Light blend mode ; 40% opacity
Layer 4 : Sirius_sdz Texture d1 (from Texture Pack 12) at Soft Light ; 37%
Layer 5 : Text - Caflisch Script Pro ; 130 pt; Normal blend mode ; 77%; COlor chosen from the flowers.

This particular variety of Clematis is an amazing plant with many different stages.  Someday, I'll do a storyboard with each phase of it's life cycle. 


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Eija said...

This is a beauty, really. I just love what you did with it! The tone is just perfect.

Well, if it's going to be recurring theme at BL, perhaps I'll have to give Radlab a try... at some point. ;-)