Friday, October 19, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 48 : Polaroid Love

Today's lesson involved processing a photo to give it a 1970s Polaroid look and feel.  Here's my offering.  A photo of the 3 Cousins from August.  These three don't get to see much of each other because 2 of them live in Japan, so they treasure their time together.

I actually remember my grandma had a Polaroid camera.  Auntie Cindy had another style of Polaroid camera with this  kind of frame.  You had to wait a minute or 2 for the picture to develop before you could peel off a top layer to see the image.  

Here are the Photo Processing Steps :
Background Layer
Duplicate Background Layer
 > In RadLab, Use PunchOut, Pool Party, and Cinnamon Toast stylets to get the lighting just right
Back in PhotoShop Elements, Flatten Image

Pull in a Polaroid Frame of choice from Fuzzimo
Drop the kid pic on top as it's own layer.  Resize it to cover the black of the frame.
Add text : Cousins 2012 in DearJoe4 Font

 Here's the original.  Not a great shot with the back lighting.  I think the Polaroid effect is an improvement in this case.    And the kids are all smiling!


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