Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 46 : 6 Fonts I Love

Part of Kim's lesson this week shared her favorite fonts.  Here are 6 of my go-to fonts.  Looking back, I was really surprised at how often I choose Ruthie.  Kind of like someone I used to know ...  or would get along very well with.  I think it might be most like my own handwriting, so it seems familiar ...

The background texture is one of my Citrasolv-ed National Geographic pages.

Caflisch Script Pro
Papyrus [I know there's a big backlash against this particular font, but I like it the way I like Johnny Depp.  They're both easy on the eyes. ;-)]
Pea Aimee
Zapfino - commercial font (It came with my MacBook.)

What are some of your favorite fonts?


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