Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2B D16 : An Apple a Day

Green Apple with Pitcher
The lesson this week was to take lots of apple pictures.  Practice makes perfect. She also encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zones and push our limits.
I did play with a version of this in PSE, but decided I liked the original SOOC best.

Red Apple with Pitcher
I must have taken 200 shots of this kind of macro on 4 different cameras with various settings and lenses in the past month.  Talk about practice!  Talk about pushing my limits (3 lenses to swap out).  I learned a lot, and deleted most of those shots.  
These are a few of the better ones.

Green Apple at Home
I really like this one - soft and golden.

The only tweaking for this one was to make it black-and-white.
Which one do you like better?

Eyes on the Prize
Maggie, my 2nd-hand Newfie loves apples.  Normally, she's very shy when I take out the camera, but she'll do just about anything for an apple.

                            The Evil Queen with Poisoned Apple

We went to the Door County Renaissance Faire this past weekend.  It's a relatively new and well-done Ren Faire that is growing.  Most of it happens in the woods, except for the jousting and Equestrian Arts which is in a field.  The Evil Queen was at the Wishing Well selling bottled water.  She took money, but also accepted apples.  ;-)  I could not pass up the chance to get her portrait with said apple.  What fun!
Here's the processing step-by-step :
1) Background image
2) Copy background image - Screen blend mode - 20%
3) RadLab : Contrast (Luma) - Sugar Rush - POS Lens - EZ Burn (Original) - Prettyizer
4) Kim Klassen's 1402 Magic Texture - Screen Blend Mode 47%
5) Kim Klassen's Printed Texture - Soft Light - 22%
6) Color FIll Frame (Black) - Color Blend Mode

Beyond Layers

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I have to admit I like the apple without color removed - just fascinated with all the nuance in the counter surface and the apple too.