Monday, July 29, 2013

2BD24 Capturing Emotion

This week, Kim asked us to capture emotion ...  I was glad of the prompt to capture portraits, as flowers and still-lifes can't/don't show emotion.  This is a picture of my mom, just about to burst out laughing.   See that sparkle in her eyes?  ;-)

While Kim's Dramatic B&W recipe didn't quite work for this one, I did play with levels to clarify her skin.  I know she'll be surprised to see herself here (Hi Ma!). 

Capturing emotion is a tricky one--To see someone sad, and to take their picture seems like such an invasion of that private, candid moment, yet I love the portraits that allow me to see that ...

Here's another one of my son, Oliver and his "little brother," Aidin.  They are not really brothers, but they've known each other their whole lives and treat each other just like brothers.  Oliver hates having his picture taken, hence, he's hiding his face in a cringe.  Aidin is a whole other story ...  as you can tell in these 2 shots.   Every summer, Oshkosh hosts Sawdust Days as a celebration of our logging history.  Carnival rides and carnival lights and carnival food.  This was a lot of fun for the boys on the verge of adolescence.    The background is a Lost & Taken Summer Texture.

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