Sunday, July 28, 2013

2BD22 Focus and Blur

I bought a new camera this summer : a Canon Rebel T3i with some fancy lenses.  This is one of the first pictures I took with the 50 mm 1:1.4 lens.   I was pretty impressed.  No messing around with aperture settings.  The lens takes care of it. 

Here's another one for this week's lesson, taken with the 40 mm pancake lens.  Every summer, we have a Buck Skinner's Rendezvous in Oshkosh, along the shores of Menomenee Park.  People come to re-enact life and times in a 1700's buckskinners camp.  As you can guess, there are merchants galore selling things like beads, furs, leather goods, feathers, tea, iron work ...  It's a fun time.  That blur in the background left is the shop owner, wondering why I'd want to take a picture of a basket of feathers ...  He was a good guy.  My kid bought several items from him, including a flint fire-starting kit and a mini-cross bow.  He certainly knew his clientele!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

This is the one I haven't figured out yet - only manage it by accident every now and then. I think I once knew when I had the old tank of a Canon where nothing was auto, but the ease of point and shoot cameras makes us lazy. My digital I have now does not allow interchanging lenses but has many manual options I could utilize, but the laziness persists...or maybe it's just I never feel I have the time to get out the manual to figure out how it all works. Love these shots.