Monday, September 02, 2013

2BD27 : Takin' It to the Street : Part 1

A Lone Bag Piper on the streets of Banff, Alberta, Canada.  July 2013.

We found out later that there is a School of the Arts (Think Juliard) right there in Banff.  Many of the musicians come out to play for the tourists later in the afternoons and evenings.  This guy was really raking in the tips!  He knew right where to stand with Mount Rundle in the background.  I have a soft spot for bag pipes and Scotland [Wink!].  When I threw some money in his cup, I felt justified (That is not the right word ...) in taking his picture. 

This week, Kim encouraged us to hit the streets and take some impromptu pictures of what we saw there.  These 2 pictures are from my summer vacation trip where I was in the tourist photography mode.  There were lots of sights to see, and pictures to take.   And nobody seemed to mind ...

My Friend J helps a street musician's puppet dance while he plays harmonica on Stevens St. (?) in Calgary, Alberta.

Kim suggested using an Infrared black & white preset on these street pics.  The Infrared LightRoom Preset seemed a bit stark on my chosen subjects, so I tried out a few other b/w presets.   With the Piper, I went with the BW Contrast High Light Room Preset (similar to BW Look 4).  With the Bless You Harmonica Player, I went with BW Contrast Low LR Preset.

I love how the Black and White just seems to freeze these moments in time and make them historic--even though they happened just a few weeks ago.  It could have been the 1960s with a newspaper reporter feel recording everyday scenes on the streets.

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